Partners; Not Investors

Partnership is at the cornerstone of our investment approach. We believe in win-win business relationships that align the interests of all corporate stakeholders and the communities around them.

We add value beyond financing, through industry expertise; an international network of relationships and a track record in growing businesses.

We act at the board of directors level and when deemed suitable at the senior executive management.

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Solid, Timely Growth

We are believers in solid and healthy growth strategies; recognizing that hospitality is all about attracting; growing and retaining talented & passionate people.

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Long Term View

Unlike other investment vehicles & financing partners with relatively short exit obligations; we do not have such limitations.

This allows us to have optimal investment timelines; & removes unnecessary pressure and haphazard growth that can undermine the future of young hospitality brands.

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Fast Decision Making & Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are structured around lean internal processes. We believe and adopt a fast decision making process that enables actions and deliverables at all stages of a partnership.

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Money with Expertise

Our principals and team members have solid experience & track records in all stages of developing and running world class hospitality businesses.

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Focused on Hospitality

We focus on hospitality and related businesses, resulting in deeper and wider knowledge and synergies that are shared and benefit our partners.

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Global Reach & Relationships

We benefit from our owning company's international network of relationships.

CDCI’s presence in the Middle East, Europe; Latin America & South East Asia gives us an incredibly useful backbone of deeply rooted relationships to draw from.

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